Teco Auszubildende und Personal März 2013


The St. Joseph`s Technical School Munteme, ‘Teco Munteme’, was founded in 1978 by Father Karl Hartl, a member of the ‘White Fathers’ (WF). The White Fathers worked for the Diocese Hoima in different parochial projects to support and develop rural communities. The Teco Munteme was designed as a Boarding School which offered vocational training for primary school leavers. In the years between 1981 and 1995 the construction and development of the project was accompanied and aided by voluntary development workers from Interteam Switzerland.

The initial funding for the project came from volunteers through their involvement and was financially supported by Miserior (Germany( and Fastenopfer (Switzerland).

From 1985 until 2005 the running cost of the institution was substantially subsidised by SdW (Solidarität dritte Welt) of Switzerland.

In 1995 the official Swiss involvement of Interteam ended and the operation and responsibility of the school was handed over to the local authority.

Today the school offers vocational training/apprenticeships to app. 60 pupils in the following trades:

  • Metal fabrication,
  • Motor vehicle technology,
  • Carpentry and joinery,
  • Building and concrete practice,
  • Tailoring,
  • Hairdressing

This courses follow varioius sillabusses of individual length and topics, dough they end all with a nationlly aknowledged and coordinated exam and certificate. The exams are partly executed at the school or are in joined cooperation sat for at other vocational institutions.

About half of the students board at the school, the others come daily from outside.