We, the one-time volunteers, still maintain close contact with the trade school TECO Munteme. Over the years we have provided financial support, have visited the school and stayed in touch with people involved in working and learning at the school.

Following the last two visits in 2011 and 2013 we decided to found the society `Friends of Teco`. Our overall aim is the continuous sustained support of the vocational school in the District of Hoima Uganda.

In particular, we concentrate our efforts on maintaining the school’s existing infrastructure and supporting all attempts to safeguard, sustain and maintain the 340-hectare native Itohya forest as well as the reforestation of the bordering grass and bush land.

The society’s three leading members are working in an unpaid capacity.

  • Leo Engeler, President
  • Ruedi Zumbrunn, Secretary
  • Herbert Wiederkehr, Assesor
  • Jost Eggenschwiler, Treasurer

Apart from membership fees we also collect donations to be able to fulfil our promises towards the school. TECO applies for certain funds which we then discuss in our meetings and decide whether or not to pay.

Your membership would be most appreciated.